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Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of the current Terms & Conditions is to constitute the responsibilities and rights of
IP camera product sales and DDNS Services through the agreement between NETCURY
TECHNOLOGY INC (hereafter referred to as Company, Us, Our or We) and you (hereafter referred
to as Members).

Article 2 (Definition)
The definitions of the words and terms used in the current Terms & Conditions are as follows:
1. "Service" describes the Company's inclusive services of Video Linked Service, Remote-Security
   Settings & Notifications, and Image Storing Service through additional DDNS services, which
   members may utilize.
2. "DDNS" describes the assignation of distinct Internet addresses, for members to view through
   their registered products by accessing the web more conveniently.
3. "SMS" describes the transmission of detected camera alerts by means of sending received
   detections from the company server via telecommunications service provider servers and
   ultimately unto the member; alerts are transmitted through pre-designated mobile phone
   numbers for SMS.
4. "Lost Tracking" describes the service of retrieving a lost camera's IP address. IP addresses will
   be retrievable if a member registers the purchased product and also enables the Lost Tracking
   function as the company's central processing server will then be able to locate a member's
   camera during a 3rd party access.
5. "Image Storing" describes the proxy service for storing a member owned & operated camera
   video information unto a 3rd party location or a 3rd party contractor's central Video Storing

Article 3 (Duty to Elucidate)
The Company is entitled to clearly explain the Terms & Conditions of Use for the Members when
an agreement is stipulated with the following provisions:
1. The antecedent disclosed Terms & Conditions.
2. Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7, Article 8, and Article 9 of the current Terms & Conditions
   of Use.

Article 4 (Contract Period)
1. The contract period is valid from the date of Membership Registration to the date of
   Membership Deletion.
2. Members may delete a Membership in order to re-register for a Membership.
3. There is no registration fee whereas additional and special services may require pre-paid fees.

Article 5 (Device Setup)
1. Cameras must be installed by the purchaser.
2. Members with installation difficulties may request for installation visits as this service will
   require additional fees.
3. Members with Software difficulties may request for Remote-Assistance service as this service
   may either be free of charge or require additional fees depending on the circumstances.

Article 6 (Confidentiality)
The Company may not disclose nor share Member information to 3rd parties that is collected by
the processes of the current contract.

Article 7 (Service Responsibilities)
1. The Company administers an electrical system for the Members to edit and configure service
   contents via online as the Company also electronically processes service contents for the
2. The Company implements special services (e.g., SMS, Scheduled-Guard, Image Storing, and Lost
   Tracking) for the Members to enhance the functions and supplementary qualities of the cameras.
   However, as the implemented services provided by the Company for camera products, are not an
   included, nor a required service of the Company, members may not return or exchange products,
   or seek for refund for any issues related to the implemented services.
3. Members are not entitled to place responsibility or liability on the Company for poor
   installations, erroneous installations, camera or mechanical errors, and Company server failures.
4. Members are not entitled to place responsibility or liability on the Company for deducted SMS
   points resulting from erroneous SMS forwarding.
5. However, in cases of billing errors resulting from SMS and/or other paid services, Members may
   request a recharge for the expenditures to the supplier.

Article 8 (Suspension of Service)
The Company may discontinue services for lost camera products at the request of the Members.

Article 9 (Termination & Termination Rights of the Members)
All Member data and information will be immediately deleted from the Company’s DB by the
Company at the request of the Members, when Members delete Memberships via the homepage.

Article 10 (Disputes)
The Company and Members must mutually respect and trust each other in order to amicably
resolve disputes.

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