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It is a criminal offense to collect email addresses whick violates Information Network Laws as
email addresses posted on this website are restricted from being collected by automatic email
collection software, nor mechanized devices.

Information Network Usage & Privacy Policy Protection Act [Partial Amendment of
2012/12/18 Act No. 06797]

Article 50 Section 2 (Prohibits unauthorized practices related to the collection of email addresses)

1. A person may not collect email addresses with automatic email collection software
  programs, nor mechanized devices from Internet homepages which has specified to
  refuse to disclose email address information.
2. A person may not sell or distribute collected email addresses according to Section 1.
3. A person may not transmit email address data in foreknowing the restrictions of email
  addresses from being collected, sold, and distributed in accordance to Section 1 &
  Section 2.

Article 65 Section 2 (Penalty) states that whoever corresponds to at least one of the following
conditions shall be fined 10 Million won or less for each of the following cases:

    A person who has makes technological actions in violation of Article 50 Paragraph 4.
    A person who distributes personal information for commercial or profit purposes in
    violation of Article 50 Paragraph 6.
    A person who has collects, sells, distributes email addresses in violation of Section 2
    Article 50.

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