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Netcury Technology is committed to uphold the Privacy Policy in compliance with the laws that
promote the use of Information Technology Networks & Information Security.

The Company is entitled to apprise Members of the use and application of personal information
provided by the Members with the Privacy Policy as the Company is entitled to apprise Members
with the measures that are being taken with the Member’s personal information for privacy
protection purposes.

Any information regarding changes to the Privacy Policy will be announced through the Bulletin
Board or individually.

The current policy will take into effect starting from 2010/1/2.

■ Collection of Personal Information
Personal information regarding Membership Registrations, Service Inquiry, Service Requests, and
etc are collected as listed below:
Name, Login ID, Mobile Phone, Email, Service History, Traffic Log, Login IP Log, Payment History,
DDNS Special Services.

Personal Information Collection Method: Membership Registration (Homepage)

■ The Purpose of Collection & Use of Personal Information.
The Collection of Personal Information is implemented only for the following purposes:
To supply the contents of the Fulfillment Agreement and Price Adjustments related services.
To distinguish members and individuals.
To notify Service Announcements.
For marketing & advertising purposes.
For the development & specialization of new Services and Products.
To comprehend the frequency of logins for the statistical analysis of Member Services.
For SMS Alert Services.

■ Personal Information: Period of Possession & Use
It is a general policy for all personal information to be immediately discarded after the intended
purposes (Collection & Use of Personal Information) are attained.

■ Personal Information: Discarding Procedure & Method
It is a general policy for all personal information to be initially saved unto a DB (paper filed if
information was in document form) after the intended purposes (Collection & Use of Personal
Information) are achieved, as it will be discarded beyond its designated saving period according
to the Company Policies, Privacy Protection Policy, Terms & Conditions of Use.
All personal information transferred to a DB will not be used other than for lawful purposes.

Discarding Method
All personal information stored electronically will be deleted with a permanent deletion

■ Providing Personal Information
It is a general policy for all personal information to be undisclosed from the public. However, it
may be disclosed according to the exceptions as shown below:
For members with preceding agreements.
Official investigative purposes or for any other warranted requests of procedures or methods
under the provisions of federal law.

■ Transfer of Personal Information
All personal information may not be transferred without a customer's consent. However, upon
such affairs, customers will be noticed with the requesting party's information and with the
subject of consignment.

■ Rights of Users and Legal Representatives & Execution of the Rights
Users and legal representatives (e.g.: of children under 14 years of age) may search and edit

his/her personal information, member information, and request to delete memberships
Users and legal representatives (e.g.: of children under 14 years of age) must confirm the
procedures of edited personal information and/or deleted memberships to complete the process.
Or, requests may be sent in by writing, email, or by phone in lieu of members.
Requests to revise erroneous personal information will reveal the corresponding information until
the issues are corrected. Erroneous personal information may be requested for revision by a 3rd
party in lieu of a member.
The deleted personal information for, 00, at the request of a user or legal representative will
append and process according to 00's Period of Usage & Storage and will not be used or viewed
other than its intended purposes.

■ Automatic Personal Information Collecting Tools Installations & Operations and Personal
Information Rejection Related Matters.
We do not operate Personal Information collecting tools (e.g. Cookies) that automatically
generates when Internet Services are utilized.

■ Civil Services for Personal Information
To protect personal information and to handle complaints concerning personal information, a
Personal Information Manager and the accountable agencies will be accessible at your service as
indicated below:
Personal Information Manager Name: Local Personal Information Manager
Privacy Policy related civil complaints resulting from company services should be reported to the
local Personal Information Manager or the accountable agencies. We will then be able to respond
to you with prompt feedback regarding your complaints.
To report or make an inquiry on Privacy Policy related matters, please contact the agencies listed
1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
2. ePrivacy Mark Certification Committee
3. Internet Criminal Investigation Center of the Prosecutor General's Office
4. Cyber Terror Response Center


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