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Field of Recruitment 1. R&D : Hardware Development
2. Sales : Sales Management
Requisite Documents 1. Resume & Cover Letter
2. Work History Report - Only for individuals with prior work experience.
(If you are applying for Hardware Development, please base your report on past/current projects)
Application Process 1. Register applicants
2. Announce resume acceptions
3. Interview
General Qualifications 1. 4-Year College/University Graduate or 2-Year College Graduate
2. Unrestricted to overseas travelling
3. Discharged and/or exempted from Military Service
How to apply Please send your application to
Other 1. Accepted applicants are notified personally after all documents are processed.
(All submitted documents will not be used other than for hiring purposes. Submitted documents are not returned.)
2. Applicants will be disqualified for submitting fraudulent information.
3. Please include the following information in your resume: emergency contact number, field of recruitment, desired salary.
4. Please call 650-488-7775 for questions. Fill in contact number
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